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  1. The other day I was mining in the nether and right as I was going to head back to my base, I found myself trapped in an infinite fall glitch. I believe I did everything I could to try and get myself out of the hole (re-logging, breaking blocks etc.), but alas I was stuck. I did the next logical thing a contacted a moderator that happened to be online. They promptly responded and reviewed my situation. They deemed it necessary to teleport me out of the block, as soon they teleported me, I died. The game said that i had fallen from a high place. I then asked said moderator if they could teleport me back to my spot, they replied it is against the rules to teleport due to a glitch. To which I responded that they had teleported me out of a glitch which then killed me. I found it very circular in the discussion of if they could tp or not. I spent several minutes trying to get back to where I had died to no avail. I find this ridiculous that moderators cannot teleport a player back to where they died if it is the moderator's fault that said player died. I have heard that some moderators will teleport, but there should be some sort of actual rule to add continuity to this server. Thus, I vote for a change in procedure: If a moderator kills a player with mod power, the player should be returned to where they died(Provided its not a hostile area i.e. lava)
  2. I was talking about it in another thread, and it seems like the main concern is that when the map is up for download, people would/will rig their builds to 'splode. If someone puts in the description of the reddit post "Warning: TnT is enabled. If you want to turn it off, go into the configuration files and disable it" or something like that, no one will have an excuse to not have done it.
  3. I'd like to propose nerd.nu grant amnesty to the majority of banned players whose bans are older than a pre-selected time period, barring those who were banned for particularly egregious rule violations. I have heard it said that nerd.nu is the server that everyone is banned from. Our ban appeal setup, while effective for the most part, does not lend itself to temporary bans of any sort, so a ban for crop grief has the same effect as a ban for repeated harassment and homophobia so long as neither is appealed. Long story short, have a set date or period of time in which ancient bans are rescinded, and make it well advertised that old players who were banned are welcome back so long as they abide by the rules. This would not necessarily be a regularly recurring thing, and would not replace our regular ban appeal system, just a sort of cleaning house and forgiving those who may not have thought to appeal long ago, or who may simply have forgotten to and never came back. What do you guys think about this idea? What pros and cons might there be, and if we chose to do this what steps would be involved? edit: I was just informed that some DDOSers have been demanding we wipe our ban list completely. I hadn't been aware of this previously and it in no way motivated the creation of this post. My suggestion is a rescinding of old bans from players we would normally have unbanned already had they appealed, not removing recent bans.
  4. In this thread I want to address a few suggestions on items on C and griefing. I'd like to further discussion into the comments, possibly with more suggestions. I'd rather this thread be more about tools to measure and aid with identifying griefing rather than banning policy. I do have some scruples/suggestions on banned items and permissions regarding those items. On C especially, there are some items and blocks that seem to be unable to be interacted with, placed, or even dropped (which makes no sense to disable on C, to be honest). I even notified the Cadmins that you could technically place your own flowing water and lava using /i 8 and /i 10 (that issue has since been fixed). The following, when using the /i command, don't give anything in inventory, despite giving a confirming message. I'm not sure if this is intended or a deal with minecraft itself. I personally don't think they're necessary, but it's a nice list to have. /i 34 (piston extension) /i 55 (redstone wire) /i 59 (wheat crops) (which is weird because you can get carrots and potato crops with /i 141 and /i142 respectively) /i 132 (tripwire) /i 149 (inactive comparator) /i 150 (active comparator) These are items are banned from placing, but cannot be dropped from inventory with Q for some reason. I'd like to be able to drop these items easily without having to drop them out of my inventory. I don't see much sense in not being able to drop these. /i 90 (nether portal block) /i 119 (end portal block) /i 8 Flowing water /i 9 Still water /i 10 Flowing lava /i 11 Still lava These are items that are not allowed to be placed. I'd like to note that hopper minecarts and command block minecarts (/i 422) are currently allowed to be placed on rails while these aren't. I'd also like to note that Command Blocks are disabled on the server, and can only be enabled by changing the server config files. Chest Minecart Furnace Minecart Command Block These are items that "spawn" entities upon usage that quickly dissipate, but are banned for some reason. Keep in mind that while these are banned, splash potions are allowed to be thrown (and are thrown) all the time. It's not logically consistent to ban these two items when they can be replaced with splash potions readily. Snowball Fire Charge When someone right clicks anywhere with a TNT minecart, they are immediately kicked to the lobby. I don't have any qualms about this for server security's sake, but I would like input from a mod/admin on if/how TNT minecarts can be used to circumvent worldguard among other things. TNT minecarts also cannot be dropped with Q, which like I said doesn't make much sense. Additionally, brewing stands are not allowed to be interacted with, but can be placed. Hoppers cannot be placed on brewing stands either. Brewing potions on C seems a bit unnecessary, but creating a demonstration for use on P or S, or just demonstrating how redstone works, should be allowed. Example: (Note on the last image: the hopper immediately disappeared after the screenshot was taken. I had to get the timing just right) Essentially what I want to do by addressing this is work towards a more logically consistent banning of items. --INSERT SEGUE HERE-- After playing on the Creative and PvE servers a lot, I'm glad that we have competent admins, moderators, and community members that quickly point out griefing, let the proper authorities know of the situation, have the offending party kicked or banned after collecting evidence, and rollback malicious edits. I've noticed that on especially C, new players are often characterized as suspicious by other players. While it's nice for our player base to have solidarity against griefing and spam, we might be alienating potentially constructive players. I propose to evaluate this threat with a weekly metric to potentially use on all the servers: use the server logs to evaluate how many new players are banned within 4 hours (or some arbitrary length of time) of their joining the server. You could get this by checking the time the griefer joined and what time he was banned, and evaluating if it was within the arbitrary time window. This will indicate how many people specifically join the server to grief, and separates those cases of regulars being banned; I do contend, however, that there will be some people who misunderstand the server rules from the beginning and unfortunately are banned as a result, though this is a VERY rare case. This metric can be applied for each server, and it can be used to gauge the usefulness and effectiveness of ad campaigns on server listing sites as well. I'd very much like a tech admin to comment about the possibility and efficacy of such a method. I'd also like input on whether such data should be available to the public or kept secret to the administration or even just the techs and heads. Like I said at the top, I'd very much like to see more constructive suggestions on these topics and related topics. Also, if I missed any information, please feel free to correct me.
  5. Hello everyone, About a month ago a thread was created regarding our policy on permabanning alt accounts. Dumbo proposed a new policy in this thread (see blow). The admins have been discussing implementing this policy, but we would like to know what you guys think about it first. Here's Dumbo's post from the thread:
  6. I, as of very recently, have begun to think "Does nerd and its servers need improvement?" I think that we need improvement, but I want to see if other people think the same thing. As of recently, we have had a disagreement on some things like voting for staff. I just want to hear what other people think about all of these and from their points of view. So just post what you think if there need to be improvements here at nerd, or if you are fine with how things are.
  7. I would like to start a civil discussion about our banning policy here.
  8. Can we please just go back to how the server once was.. If you check the mcpublic reddit posts regarding the new direction people are really unresponsive. Veteran players all hold the same views that the open grief and lack of ruling will kill the server. And trust me, these server vets know their shit as most have been around twice as long as the current server staff. Myself included. We aren't a citadel server. We're a survival server. A suggestion I have posted about is to strip back the game a tad and allow it to accommodate a pick up and play approach a little better. PvP was rife before the adventure update as anyone could quickly craft armour and weapons and run out to hunt for someone. As soon as enchants and spells were introduced the onous was onto getting a grinder, getting god swords and armour, then getting tanked up on buffs and then and only then, going out. When the majority of your gameplay is spent idling at a grinder and trialling and erroring enchants, of course PvP and user count will die. My suggestion is to completely remove all PvP related spells and enchants. Swords can still have Bane of Arthropods, Looting, Unbreaking etc But Sharpness, Fire Aspect and Knock back should go. Bows can perhaps keep Infinity, though this may even be brought into question.. The rest.. Gone. Armour should remove Protection and leave the rest. All other enchants related to mining will stay and still be useful when it comes to getting your resources. Spells which buff a players strength and life regeneration or harm another should go. Keeping Invisibility and Swiftness for example can really bring some stealth style killing into play. Of course what would be necessary alongside this is a rebalancing of the in game items stats. No longer should a stone sword be able to batter an iron clad player. Leather armour should also not be entirely useless. Gold should even be brought into the fray and made a suitable step between iron and diamond. Working out the perfect balance of stats for this would be a toughie. But there are ample people out there who are willing and able to help. I'm sure the rebalancing has even been done before somewhere. The random spawns and spawn in beds should be totally removed as these REALLY do not help with encouraging PvP. Safe buckets should also be reinstated. As should anti griefing and revised don't be a dick rules. And the roads. The roads MUST come back!! To prevent spawn camping I have an idea which should help. Create quite a large spawn, circular in shape, which has the look and feel of a village. There could be places for meetings to be held in game. Clan halls. Rule museums. A redstone museum demonstrating redstone engineering examples and so on. This area will be entirely no PvP. Anyone spawning inside this area is immune to attack for the duration of being inside it. Leaving and reentering the spawn however does not enable the no PvP again for you. Not until you die and spawn inside it. Because the spawn will be quite large (and perhaps even raised on a double platform encased by a protected ring road and its main road system which MUST be returned!!) Players who have been killed can exit in any direction and away from any likely spawn campers. A suggestion could be to even harm players who reenter the spawn area with poison, preventing them wanting to pearl into the spawn and buddy up with their victim awaiting them to drop into the PvP zone. I believe these suggestions will allow players to join the server at any points during its revisions life, spend an hour gathering resources, then get straight into the fray with PvP and survival. Can these suggestions please be discussed and directions altered if the response for them is positive please. So far, these suggestions on the subreddit have gone down well.
  9. I'm sure many of you may have noticed this post: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2137-overhaul-of-rules/#entry15109 Why were none of these changes brought forward and discussed with the community, rather than changed on the wiki and then announced immediately?
  10. Hello everyone, i’m sure everyone is getting sick of my posts, but here’s another one. :D I would like to propose a few changes to the rules. These changes serve 2 main purposes. First, to make the rules a little shorter. Large amount of text can be off putting to new players, and makes it more unlikely that they will read through them. The changed set of rules is about 300 words shorter than what we have now. However, universal section is about 70 words longer. This is due to changing the "Don't be a dick" rule. Second, to allow for better handling of a situation where a player is clearly doing something wrong, but the player tries to contest whatever warning or ban was issued due to their actions because the specific situation was not explicitly stated in the rules. For the most part, the changes are in the universal and survival sections. No changes were made to the Creative section, and the only changes in the PvE section were to remove the rules already covered in the universal section. Here is a document of our current rules with all of the changes highlighted. Here is a document of rules with the proposed changed added in. You can see how this would look on the wiki by going to create a new page, copying and pasting the text in the spoiler below, and then clicking “Show preview.”
  11. Just two things about the wiki off the top of my head: 1. User login log I really don't think it's necessary for the public to be able to see who is trying to log in and their IP addresses. Maybe that log can be made private? (The other public logs don't seem to contain very sensitive information and should be kept out for those who like to keep track of things.) 2. Editing other people's player pages What's the policy for this? A wiki is for anyone to edit, but I'm under the opinion that for player pages, the players know themselves the best. Personally, I only edit others' pages if their are major problems with their formatting, and I make redirects when necessary. If the change is major I leave a message on the talk page. Should rules allow broader changes (allowing others to add relevant content and changing formatting and whatnot) or be stricter (no editing of others' player pages except for non-controversial edits, like date left/date banned)?
  12. Heyo everyone! As per this new mod vote, we'd like some feedback on the change to three option voting. If you have any opinions on the matter, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear them.
  13. Recently, we've come to realize there is no formal rule on all servers regarding RS lag machines. S and P had their own wording for them, but C had nothing. So, I've taken the liberty of adding it under the Universal Section of the rules: This rule begins immediately.
  14. Fellow Moderators and Admin, Recently I've noticed a large number of Ban appeals that sat well over 2 days, as well as a large number of appeals that relate to former staff members. Since I was not debriefed at all on matters relating to this, what am I, a perfectly available moderator to do about these appeals that are now clustering the appeal page? Am I allowed to takeover appeals for former staff as I have noticed Crockoduck do in the past? If it isn't something of major concern (some of cyotie911's appeals other than randomdoor's) am I allowed to do them? Am I supposed to pester an admin until something gets done? What am I to do? Also, Cyotie911 hasn't replied to anything since April 3rd, although his forum account says he was online today(could be a fluke associated with having a tab open on a cellphone). I have not seen him anywhere else, so I feel a bit concerned, has anyone here spoken with him since then? Is he alright? If he isn't, will someone handle his ban appeals? That is all. Sincerely, Nickeox
  15. I realize it is probably bad form to make a serious suggestion on April 1st, but here it is anyway. Would it be possible to have any modreq that has the word "grief" in the text be automatically pushed to the top of the modreq queue? This ensures that thwarting greifers is given our top level of attention even if we have multiple pages of modreqs (which is very common at the beginning of a rev).
  16. http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/20ap2z/new_event_idea/ Buchanman posted this on the subreddit 5 days ago, I figured I'd repost it as it will soon become a rather pressing matter but received no particular staff attention. Better safe than sorry.
  17. Hullo! Recently on Survival I've heard of quite a few people successfully trying to get their notes removed. I've checked through the rules page and couldn't see anything on adding or removing notes, is there an unwritten policy on this? The circumstances where I've seen this happen have been with fairly high profile players with 6+ notes. The majority of their notes have been legitimate, and without them it takes a lot longer to find out who has done what. A player came to me today asking whether they'd be able to have some of their notes removed due to them being from when they very first joined the server, the notes for minor things such as "minor grief on S - cauldron". I don't think there's too much harm in removing notes like this, however I don't think that important notes should really ever be removed. What do you all think about this?
  18. (The other thread's first post said that it should be closed, which is why I didn't post it there.) People have brought up a lot of good points about why Safebuckets should be gotten rid of or kept. People tend to use buckets to grief, which results in a lot of work for the admins. However, being required to make /modreqs to flow water is annoying, and takees up the admins' time. What if trusted users didn't suffer from SafeBuckets? What if users who had played on the server for [X] hours (or done something notable) didn't get affected by SafeBuckets? I have no idea how it would be done (or if it's even possible) but I think it would save the admins a lot of time. Most griefers probably aren't dedicated enough to play for a long time, and this could be combined with the waterproofing plugin somebody suggested earlier. I think that this would probably cut staff workload quite a bit. If this has been suggested before, my apologies. I have not heard this solution, and I think it might solve the problem nicely. Thank you for your time. Clarification: the "trusted user" status would be invisible, and confer no other benefits.
  19. I have a problem in posting my messages. I submitted my last message 4 days ago. Since then, I am not able to post anything. I just receive a message on and on, saying "you have used too many links recently, try an hour later". Second problem: Here we are working in a coffee-net. when I and few of my friends are working at the same time in different topics in reddit, just one person can proceed with it' the others are blocked. Is this natural?
  20. While I don't agree with the idea of a "flame war" on this topic, throughout the bitter back and forth going on in in-game-chat there were some good points brought. I am interested in finding out whether people believe that running from fights is detrimental to the server overall (in that it disincentivizes random PvP encounters), or if it is a necessary part of PvP (in that a person might never get into a fight unless the are assured of a win). Personally, I dislike the concept of running from a PvP encounter, regardless of the reason (I lose many fights, and I'd rather not run in the hopes that when I am winning a fight, my opponent will do the same), and believe that either running should be disincentivized or that not-running should be incentivized. I'm not sure what should or could be done about this, if anything, and I open the floor to those who are more imaginative with these types of things than myself. Please try to keep this discussion civil and refrain from any personal attacks. This is not about any specific person, nor should it be.
  21. Link to Admin Response Please Close thread Original Post: The plugin SafeBuckets, the one that makes our water still by default, I feel has become more and more useless lately, and I think its future needs a serious discussion. I feel that SafeBuckets needs to be unplugged, and here is why: First of all SafeBuckets is very un-vanilla as a plugin, since it's not normal to see still liquid in Vanilla Minecraft, and thus goes against the server's theme. Secondly the still water it gives is rather useless. While it does make water elevators and some lava killing machines easier to build, it does not really add anything irreplaceable to the game: some signs surrounding flowing liquids will accomplish the same thing still water gives to us now. And while some water elevators arguably look prettier without signs in between water blocks, I would not consider water elevators pretty to begin with. Some may disagree. But most importantly I feel that SafeBuckets's primary function as a grief-prevention plugin is so unimportant that it practically does not matter. Griefers, as far as I can tell, are not persistent enough to acquire a bucket just to knock someone's flowers or torches over. And even if they were, the loss is hardly meaningful. As for more serious griefing like murdering with lava or making derpy lava walls around, those are easily traceable nowadays. At worst a griefer may attack someone's rails or redstone, which is actually quite severe, but that they can do with natural liquid sources even now. A much better option would be to write a plugin that makes rails and redstone waterproof. A plugin like that at least would not encumber the staff day and night, like SafeBuckets does. SafeBuckets also makes a few things if no impossible, at least very hard: It is impossible to dispense flowing liquids and this must be worked around with silly piston gates. Making ponds is tough because of the glitchy interaction with still and flowing water that makes some parts of the potential pond not fill up like it is supposed to. Nowadays you'd need constant mod surveillance just to make an artificial lake. The absence of SafeBuckets would obviously be beneficial for everyday building, but it would be particularly useful for making grinders. For example in a skeleton grinder getting the water to flow immediately would make building much less dangerous much faster. In an Ender grinder the benefit of getting immediate water cover is obvious. In summary, SafeBuckets is un-vanilla, seriously hinders everyday building, encumbers staff, and is irrelevant against griefing. If I was king, I'd replace it with another plugin like the one described above. But, all of the above was only what I think. I may be right, I may be wrong, some may even disagree. What I want here is a serious discussion on this matter. The server's interests are largely also my interests, and that's why I'd want a thorough investigation about this matter so at the end of the day we can be sure we're making the right decision. Please keep this thread free from personal attacks against players, thanks! - gsand ;D Edit: If you disagree, please don't just downvote, also contribute your opinion below -gsand ;D
  22. Dear Friend Hello! as a new user in reddit, I would like to know how could I upvote my submission. for example if I submitt a link in the worldnews about the most latest report in the middle east, how can I get more credit for this news. thanks very much Truly yours Nazemzadeh
  23. Given the low player count on C I figured I'd put up a particular nice example from last Tuesday of how the player/staff experience affects players, especially new players. A player named TheShoelaceKing logged on and asked if any staff were on (it was me, nick, and neva, so he was the only nonstaff on), then asked if anyone could skype with him. Of course, our warning lights were flashing on this guy, but we decided to humor him (and maybe get a funny recording like the one on BestOf). We directed Shoelace to our mumble channel, and he joined in with some standard concerns, like how the server had changed since he had last been there a long time ago, and that he'd heard a group of people planning to "attack" the server with a powerful modded client he had provided them (for other purposes, naturally). To demonstrate what he was talking about, he directed us to an AVO video demonstrating a similar function (it was a year-old video just showing off a printer-style nuker/reach hack). We assured him that we have plugins which block such behavior, including suspicious packet behavior. Pacified, he just got to talking with us about building on the server, playing spleef, and chatting. Once he got more comfortable, he eventually admitted that he had joined half-planning to grief, but after talking with us and seeing some builds, he stated that he'd rather stay and build than grief, saying he "expected something completely different." Audio Clip (MP3 256 kbps 4:14) (Speakers by order of appearance: WayneByNumbers, NEVAstop, TheShoelaceKing, Magnyus) The audio is mostly rather boring (and an hour long), so I've just posted the relevant bit I'm talking about. Will this guy become one of the pillars of the community? Not too likely. But this is the kind of thing we can do that makes players want to stay. And like I said, I'd rather get a new player than a funny troll any day.
  24. Please consider the following situation. Player 1 is harvesting Player 2s farm. Before Player 1 can replant, Player 3 kills Player 1. Player 1 then returns to the farm, Player 3 has not replanted the crops nor has he returned the crops to Player 1 in order for him to replant. In order for Player 1 to replant Player 2s crops he will need to go to Player 4s farm, harvest/replant there and then return to Player 2s farm to replant the crop grief. Currently there's no rule saying Player 3 can't do this, the situation above is edging on this rule: I believe the rule description needs to be reworded to - This means that players cannot try to get other players in trouble by tricking/forcing them to destroying any item placed by a player in an attempt to get the player warned or banned. Please Discuss.
  25. Edit for the archives, none of these rules have been implemented. For a list of the current rules, please see nerd.nu/rules. The sadmins have decided to add these rules to Survival. Please comment below or send me a pm if you have a reason you think these should not be added or if you have any changes you think should be made to these rules. I will be making an announcement post about these rules around this time tomorrow soon. ​​​No inappropriate clan names or tags. No creating clans with names or tags with the purpose of trolling an existing clan. For example, creating a clan whose tag only differs by one letter, or creating a clan whose name only differs by a word. Any public admission of using an unauthorized mod or client will result in a kick or ban for using said mod or client. You should almost never ban for this. You should /cmsg or kick them saying to stop, if that does not work you should mute the player, and if they still continue to the point where it starts to spam chat you should then ban the player. Any of these items used for doors will not be replaced if griefed. The player who removed said blocks may receive a warning or a ban. Ice Cobwebs Huge Mushrooms Mycelium Glowstone Diamond blocks Emerald blocks Emerald ore Diamond Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore Coal Ore Redstone Ore Nether Quartz Ore
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