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What is your favorite thing about the servers? and your least favorite thing about the servers?

Building at the start of a PvE rev, running from kitcat on S D:


Which type of literature do you enjoy the most?

Hm, probably Sci-fi Michael Crichton are some of my favorite books





Will u be able to help me with higher level maths this year and next year? In top class with all the smarty pants. Higher level is very hard though.

I refer you to my first wot

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How do you feel aabout Yolo?

How about Swag?

Or maybe even Swolo?

Are you ever on C?

Am I awesome? (amiawesome.com)

Fork in the garbage disposal, or Nyan Cat? (It's a youtube thing, search it)

uh first 3 questions are wot, I am sometimes on C to observe the awesome builds and the last 2 questions I again wot

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You have to choose just one: Crock or Duck.  Which one is better.



Who are you endorsing in the campaign for Seneca Mayor? Aypop Tosis, Skiflea, or Ghrey303?



Why such aboose Crock?


are you an interior Crockoduck alligator? an exterior one?


Do you drive a Chevrolet movie theater?


1) because aboose kaboose

2) I prefer interior

3) I drive all the ford movie theater's



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